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Guangzhou silver standard trade co., LTD. Is a professional high-tech enterprise, such as household appliances, automobile electronics, medical electronics, intelligent products and other manufacturing companies to provide one-stop technology solutions and materials supply. Company is more than the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea famous brand sole agent in China. Customers always enjoy the best quality products and technical services. We establish a wide range of research and development and technical cooperation, with original factory can be made for customer project materials research and development. 

Most competitive advantage on the market at present the company's main products are: light-sensitive silver pulp exposure (silver paste), nano silver paste, laser etched silver paste, silver paste, conductive carbon slurry at low temperature, temperature PTC self-control carbon slurry, high transparent conductive ink, silver paste, conductive silver pulp, chloride PDS antenna UV insulating oil, motor magnetic tile glue, potting glue, electronic anti-corrosion paint, quick-drying glue, etc. 

Products are widely applied in CTP touch screen, home appliances, automobile electronics, intelligent communication, medical electronics, high frequency RFID, membrane switch, electronic components, etc. 

  • DOS quick-drying glue
  • Carbon brush conductive silver pulp
  • Toyo spinning silver paste
  • Imported high transparent conductive ink

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Guangzhou silver standard trade co., LTD 

Contact person: Mr Lai 

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Website: www.dollaradvancecards.com 

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